The (very) beautiful gardens of Gerberoy

[The containment put in place by the government limiting the possibilities of movement, the gardens of Gerberoy will not be able to welcome visitors, as it was planned, for the weekend of All Saints.]

To walk in the village of Gerberoy, in the north of the Oise, is to travel in space and time, on the edge of the country of Bray, near Beauvais, between Normandy and Picardy.of regions which embellish history, the Hundred Years' War, but also, just as tragic, those which followed.And after a past marked by sieges, fires and ...the plague, the miracle of a partly preserved city, with its remains of ramparts, its old houses, its cobbled and winding streets - and its unique charm.A charm that it owes among other things to the allure of these half-timbered “Norman” houses, or "Picardy", made of stone and brick, the color of which harmonizes so well with the green of the vegetation.And this is present everywhere in Gerberoy, on either side of the doors, maintained or ...Neglected with care, running on the facades, in stone tubs, leaning against old walls.Roses, wisteria and hydrangeas thus occupy even the smallest alleyway the or dead end.

It was the painter Henri Le Sidaner (1862-1939), who lived in Gerberoy from 1901 to 1939, who suggested to its inhabitants to flower the entrances or facades with roses.He himself had fallen under the spell.of this village recommended to him by the sculptor Auguste Rodin, and over the decades he had created a garden made up of a succession of terraces evoking the gardens of Italy.It is the same garden that can be visited in season, when one falls under the spell of atmospheres originally created by its owner, such as a stone bench, an arbor with its wisteria, a statue of the goddess Ceres or a temple of Love copied on that of the Petit Trianon, in Versailles, installed by the painter, have remained as it is, as well as the residence and the studio of this post-impressionist artist who loved to paint intimate atmospheres, floral compositions or tables served in the garden, an early summer afternoon.

Posted Date: 2020-11-20

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